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Written by Anastasios Hudson Thursday, 11 February 2010 23:17

Welcome to OrthodoxChristianity.net, home of the world's largest Orthodox Christian message board/discussion forum!

OrthodoxChristianity.net was founded on May 12, 2002, and has enjoyed a steady growth since then thanks to our readers and participants. Our goal is the propagation of the Orthodox Christian faith—the faith of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. Numerous people have been helped along on their journey towards becoming Orthodox due to our site, and we thank God for the opportunity to serve others in this capacity. In addition, our site provides fellowship for many people who live far from an Orthodox Christian parish.

The forum is not the only feature of our site, though. We have several articles, photo galleries, and a growing Orthodox dictionary which will help to define all the terms that many find unfamiliar when encountering Orthodox reading for the first time. We are always looking to expand our offerings, and if you'd like to join our team of editors and writers, please contact me.

Welcome again to the site, and please pray for us as we pray for all that they might find the fullness of faith, the New Testament Church, the Orthodox Church of Christ.

Fr Anastasios Hudson
Founder and co-Administrator, OrthodoxChristianity.net
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